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An Online Community for Business Owners, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs

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Welcome, boss! ✨

Here at Being Boss we want you to be surrounded by smart, creative bosses who are making money doing work they love.

Why? Because magic happens when you connect and interact with other creative business owners.

  • You're inspired to show up.
  • You're motivated to set big goals and DO THE WORK.
  • You learn from their experience to boost your next moves.
  • You are connected to people who understand where you are and what you're going through.

Community is an important ingredient in our recipe for success.

Being a part of this community has made me feel so much less alone in my boss journey and, in fact – in many ways has shown me that I'm worthy of calling myself a 'boss,' even if I'm still working a 9-5 to support my dreams.

The Being Boss Community is a place for
business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs
to connect and talk shop.


The Being Boss Community is a fun, inclusive, and supportive space for creative business owners to get together, talk about business, help each other find solutions and grow – as creatives, business owners, and cool boss people.

We work together so we all can make money doing work we love as thriving creative business owners.

I have gained a community of other bosses who have ALWAYS had answers to my questions, ALWAYS offered support, and ALWAYS offered areas to continue to grow and learn.

The Being Boss Community has opened up doors to meeting new boss friends and learning new strategies to level up while getting help and direct feedback on problems I'm facing in my business. But the biggest perk of this community is knowing I'm not alone in this journey and being able to stay off social medias to do it!

This Community is for bosses who...

  • are a business owner. Baby bosses and side-hustlers are welcome, but this community is a best fit if you've already begun your entrepreneurial journey.
  • desire to connect with other business owners, and are willing to openly share experience and expertise.
  • want to grow in your business, and are willing to undergo the process of up-leveling with a can-do attitude. (Which means you actively work on putting that ego and/or fraudy feelings to bed.)
  • are open-minded and eager to expand, as we're a community of diverse backgrounds, industries, and life paths.
  • are kind and approachable.
  • are willing and excited to show up for your community, and do the work for yourself.


years in business

20% – 0-2 years
35% – 2-5 years
15% – 5-8 years
10% – 8-10 years
10% – 10-15 years
10% – 15+ years

Current members are in all stages of business ownership but are united by a shared desire to take control of their work and live life on their own terms.

Listening to Being Boss over the past year has been INCREDIBLE in finding my footing again in my business reboot, in a world that seem ENTIRELY new and this community now on top is just icing on the cake.

The Community is a place where I can access amazing content, uber up to date tips, books, conversations and mostly, where I connect with people having the same struggles and wins I have. But most of all, it is an environment where I feel welcomed and at home with peers.

Community Membership

🚨 There are 2 options for Community membership.

OPTION 1: Community

This option is a perfect choice if you're looking for access to the community platform and member support.

Members of the Community tier receive access to...

  • the Community platform, including access to members and posting
  • weekly Monday Meet-Up virtual calls
  • monthly Book Club prompts
  • Virtual & Local Co-Working events
  • Resource library full of worksheets, webinars, and more
  • Classifieds topic, for hiring and selling

OPTION 2: Clubhouse

This option is for bosses looking for next-level community, support, and resources, including more content and opportunities to connect with each other.

Clubhouse members receive access to...

  • Access to all Community events + content, plus…
  • Access to the Clubhouse-exclusive group
  • Full access to the CEO Day Kit course (a $279 value)
  • monthly Making a Business podcast episodes, following host Emily Thompson's journey running her product business, Almanac Supply Co.
  • Book Club calls
  • Industry-specific calls and meet-ups
  • Opportunities to submit to Boss Thoughts articles
  • monthly Clubhouse Conversation virtual calls, for workshopping together the month's theme
  • monthly New Moon Intention-Setting prompts + New Moon Circle virtual calls
  • Exclusive content bonuses (including workshop and conference replays)
  • Early (+ sometimes exclusive) access to events

Choose your desired option below!

[The Being Boss Community offers] boss convos that keep me on track and setting big goals.

The Being Boss Community has been there every step of the way.

Hi there, boss!

Emily here, co-founder of Being Boss and host of the Being Boss Community. It has long been my mission to assist creatives in doing business, so that they have the ability to make money doing work they love.

And of all the things I've created and facilitated, this community is what I'm most proud of, because the bosses inside are the epitome of BOSS. Bosses are the best, and I'm glad to be counted amongst them. And – if you're feeling called – I hope you'll join in too!